How Digital Marketing Will Transform Real Estate Industry

Realtors are always looking for ways to gain more clients, spread the word about their services, and become industry leaders. Leveraging digital marketing is one way to reach all three goals. There are plenty of tactics to use, but here are some of the most effective ways.  You might find it especially difficult to sell as an English speaker in a foreign language. Brikk has written an article on exactly that issue.

Email Marketing

Sending out weekly emails is still one of the most effective forms of marketing for many businesses. Over 80% of consumers like to receive promotional emails weekly. Realtors should keep email marketing in their strategy as a way to establish their place in the industry as a leader and expert. 

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a fairly new form of marketing on the web, but it can be extremely useful. Choosing an influencer to work with, who makes sense to your business, can boost your exposure immensely. If the influencer has a large audience in your area, investing in an advertisement may be a sound choice. Your potential clients are more likely to listen to a referral from a real person gushing about you versus posts that may not reach them or grab their attention. 

Lead Generation

Many forms of inbound marketing include lead generation tactics. Landing pages and lead magnets should be part of your sales strategy. If you are getting several email submissions, you can have them load right into your CRM. You can then follow-up with potential clients later if they don’t decide to work with you at this time.

An essential part of lead generation is to ensure you’re responding to clients as quickly as possible. There will be times you can’t get to messages from social media or emails from your website, so setting up a chatbot may be a solution. Many consumers are accustomed to instant responses and the ability to book appointments online, so if you’re too slow, they will move on. 

Content Marketing

It’s not often that you get a call from a potential client that looked you up on Google or saw your ad and called you immediately. Potential clients will likely interact with your content four to five times before taking action. Creating a blog with engaging content, having an active social media presence, or other content marketing forms are excellent choices. They will help build trust with your audience. Identifying yourself as an expert and leader in the industry will establish your credibility. 

Whether you decide to create a podcast, a YouTube channel, or other exciting venture, content creation allows you to show your audience who you are, and many people identify with that. Choosing something that you don’t see other realtors doing much will help differentiate you from your peers. 


Many social platforms are pay-to-play, so spending advertising dollars is an investment. Most of us spend a lot of time on social media, consuming content and seeing ads. When you’re looking for a realtor to work with, you’ll likely visit Google, where you will see advertisements first. 

Savvy researchers will be able to sniff out a realtor who may have some negative reviews or a lack of online presence, which will allow them to be overlooked. An advertising budget paired with beautiful ads and a strong online presence will compel interested buyers to click on your links. 

There are many digital marketing tools at your disposal to help build your real estate business. These tools are changing the way realtors do business. Implementing one of these tactics will help get the word out about you. Implementing more will increase your chances of landing your next client when they have plenty of options. 

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