From Telephone Answering to Office Premises: Who is CityCallCenter?

CityCallCenter saves companies time and money by gathering the needs for telephone answering and customer service in one place. This makes the telephone the most important work tool in CityCallCenter as the core competence is telephone answering for many small and medium-sized businesses. In addition, CityCallCenter also provides services as virtual offices, meeting rooms, and office premises.

CityCallCenter is located in Copenhagen in Denmark but can also contribute with their services in other places. It does not matter whether your company is located in Jutland, Zealand, Bornholm or other places, nothing prevents CityCallCenter from helping companies. Likewise, CityCallCenter can handle customer service in both English and Danish. So, if your company is outside the Danish borders, CityCallCenter is still available with their services.

CityCallCenter consists of a team of professional receptionists who make a living by talking to people and are well trained in customer service. It is important that the companies feel that they are in the best hands when they become customers at CityCallCenter. Therefore, CityCallCenter carefully distribute companies by type and customer segment internally in the team, so that a synergy is created between the company and the receptionist. This keeps the level of service at the top and helps to create a good relationship between the companies and the receptionists.

Phone answering service

CityCallCenter is a 24-hours call center which specialty is inbound phone answering. When companies for example are off, in a meeting, or visiting customers, CityCallCenter answers companies’ incoming calls and processes the calls according to the different companies’ needs. It is important to CityCallCenter to provide a good service, whether it is by forwarding messages, forwarding calls, sorting out unwanted calls, or providing heavier customer service.

If a company wants help with telephone answering, the first step is to have a conversation about the company’s services, call flow, and needs. Afterwards, CityCallCenter will set up the company in the system and the calls can now be transferred. When the company’s customer calls, it will be shown on CityCallCenter’s screens with all the information needed, and a receptionist will answer the call within just 15 seconds. In addition, CityCallCenter provides ongoing feedback to you, from our many conversations with customers, companies, and partners.

Companies can transfer their call whenever they want – all the time or during certain periods. CityCallCenter is ready to answer the phones, both during weekdays, evenings, nights, weekends, and holidays. In this way, companies save money on staff and can take time off while knowing that their customers are in good hands.

Virtual offices

Address service is also one of CityCallCenter’s competences. An address service functions as a virtual office, which is ideal for companies that need an address in Copenhagen. CityCallCenter’s address is an attractive opportunity for your business with a location in the most exclusive part in Copenhagen K with only 5 minutes walk away from Kongens Have, Den lille Havfrue, and Trianglen.

By having an address at CityCallCenter, companies can send a professional signal to their stakeholders and more easily keep their private and company address separated. With the address service, the mail is sent to CityCallCenter’s office where the receptionists are taking care of it based on the companies’ needs. The mail can be forwarded to a desired address, letters can be scanned and sent by e-mail, and unwanted mail can be sorted out. It is also possible to pick up the mail at the office yourself.

Meeting rooms

CityCallCenter also has two meeting rooms available which you can book on an hourly basis. CityCallCenter is the perfect place to hold a meeting if you want to impress your guests with great meeting facilities in a coveted building and location. It is super easy for both you and your guests who is attending the meeting to get to the location since it is only 500 meters away from Østerport St. and Marmorkirken St.

You can choose between the two meetings rooms Paris and Miami. The rooms are different sizes so you can book the room that suits your meeting the best. Paris is designed for six people, while Miami is set for four people. Here you only have to concentrate on your meeting when you book a room as the employees will make sure you are all well provided with coffee, tea, and water. Other catering is also possible if you want that.

Office premises

Beside of the meetings rooms, CityCallCenter houses an office hotel in the beautiful older building between Nyboder and Kastellet in Copenhagen right next to Store Kongensgade. The place is extremely well maintained and kept in an appropriate style, which always impresses visitors. Inside you will find marble in the foyer, gilded elevator, stucco, and brass. The address, the building, and the office premises will give a very good and professional impression of your company.

The office hotel is located at 2nd floor and consists of 300 m3 divided into 16 offices, and the rooms vary in sizes from 8 to 25 sqm with/without balcony. By renting an office from CityCallCenter, you no longer have to think about Wi-Fi, cleaning, lunch arrangement, dishes, and other administrative chores as CityCallCenter provides you with it all. You get a staffed reception with CityCallCenter’s office premises and become a part of a professional environment together with the other tenants.

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