How to Use Quotes to Connect with Customers

As a writer, connecting with customers is an essential task. But how do you make that instant connection? Compelling text is key, but there’s another great way to quickly spark their interest and empathise with their needs.

It’s no secret that customers prefer to buy from brands they identify with. Website content that makes them feel like they are understood converts best. Whether you are creating a website for your own writing services, or writing a website for a client, here’s how you can use famous quotes to reel in your readers.

Quotes for websites

What is the ethos of the website? When a customer first visits a website, they need to know what that website is about. They also must know why your website is different – what is your unique selling point?

This is where a quote is useful. For example, on the home page of a charity website, you could use: “If you want to lift yourself up, lift up someone else.” This quote by Booker T. Washington, a famous American public speaker, instantly connects with readers – potential donors.

It summarises the aim of the website (lifting people up through charity) and it’s also compelling and connects with the reader. It tells your readers that if they donate, they will lift themselves up.

About page

The about page of your website tells people what your goals are and what you believe in. This is the perfect location for an inspirational quote. Here’s an example.

Say the website is selling clothes to a young adult or teen audience. You need the content to be young, engaging and encapsulate the carefree freedom of youth. The clothes the website is selling are made for adventures. So, a quote like ”Break the rules. Find your freedom. Live your life.” is ideal for your website about page. It will help your audience identify with your brand. It will create a strong brand identity as well.

Whether you’re creating your own website or writing for a client, the right quote can bring the brand to life.

Using quotes on social media channels

Images are a huge component of your social media posts, but never underestimate the caption. A good caption will instantly capture attention. Your goal is to stop people from scrolling by and read! Using a quote is an excellent way to do this.


Images are important on Facebook, but you can also utilise the status update feature. Tell the world that you or your brand is feeling excited, happy, proud, etc. Then use a quote to explain it further.

Facebook is also a good platform for starting a discussion. You could open with a quote, then ask your Facebook followers if they agree or disagree.

When people agree strongly with a quote, they are more likely to ‘like’ or ‘share’ the post. If they disagree with it, they are more likely to leave a comment. Comments, likes and shares are important for the Facebook algorithm. The more your followers engage with the post, the more people will see it.


A quote is a good way to add a caption to an image. With Instagram, the image is the most important aspect. So, choose a high-quality image and use a simple yet inspirational quote as the caption. This is a good recipe for likes!

Remember, hashtags are very important on Instagram. Try using #inspirationalquotes or save your quote image captions for #WednesdayWisdom. The right hashtags under your quote will boost your exposure.


Twitter has the most limited number of characters per tweet, so you can try using the quote inside an image. Or you could post a quote and an image of a product to match. Hashtags are also important on Twitter. You can join a trending discussion easily by using a quote.

If you are struggling to explain your thoughts, using a quote is a great way to express your feelings in as few characters as possible. More is less with Twitter, so choose a short and snappy quote. You could even use a sarcastic quote, as long as it fits with your brand voice.


LinkedIn is one of the best social media platforms for inspirational quotes. It’s a place where professionals go to connect and motivate themselves for work. Make sure your LinkedIn posts have professional vibes. This is where potential investors, clients (not customers), and employers look for talent, so choose a quote that reflects your expertise and professionalism.

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